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Why is it so important to have the right goals?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

When you compete against yourself, the color of the ribbons start to fade. Sometimes a second place can be your biggest win and a first place your biggest disappointment. The focus shifts from the “how good I am compared to others” to “how good am I today, compared to how good I was yesterday”. The goal becomes to do your very best you can today.

Is it fun to win a big title? Yes! But it’s also a lot of fun to end up in the middle of a class when everything works, you perform your very best and the others are simply better… It can be turned into new motivation and a goal to find the small details, that can help you get to a whole new level, maybe already at the next show.

This is one example for the difference between internal and external goal setting. It’s something that I work on a LOT with all of my students, sometimes as a part of their riding lessons, other times as a Coaching session, to dig deep in what their motivation is and what are the right goals for them and their horse based on their situation and level. I LOVE this kind of work and it’s such a game-changer for riding & showing, when you know exactly what you’re working for and have a plan that you can trust.

That’s how we go from being stressed, under pressure and nervous to prepared, grounded and focused.

You’re always welcome to send a message if you want to hear more about how I can support you and how we can work together! 💙


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