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Values & how to connect to them

What are your values and do you live by them? 💫

… a very important question to ask yourself and work on from time to time! So why is it so important to work with your values?

We all have our core values that don’t just form the person we are, but also guide our interactions with other people and determine our decisions. Most people are somewhat in connection with their value-set, but very few uses time on to actively work with and understand their own values and how they support their decisions and relationships.

I’ll share 2 areas you can improve dramatically when you get more in touch with your values:

🤍 1. Better communication and relationships

People have different values. We prioritize differently and this can cause problems in communication. Understanding your own values will also help you pick up on, what other people might have in their value-set and give you a better understanding for their decisions and help you get on the same page quicker.

🤍 2. Easier decisions and more clarity on your future

Even though we have knowledge about our own values, we don’t always live by them. Society might have different standards, your environment might push you to a different direction… Getting in close contact with your values and making a plan to live by them will help you see more clear, and make the decisions that make YOU happy. It’s a deliberating feeling and a great tool to find your place, when you loose direction.

As you might suspect by now, I’m a big fan of working with values and I consider it a great foundation for self-development.

So how about you? Do you have a clear idea of your top 5 values and do you live by them? You can start as simply as asking yourself this question and using 5 minutes to think about it 😊


Hey, I’m Dora Gocze, cert. Mental Trainer & Performance Coach. I developed a program called ‘The Lead Change’ to help people get more in contact with themselves and to help them achieve great things in life. It’s a down-to-earth approach, using my experience from training and competing at high-level horse riding and teaching & coaching people for over 15 years.

💫 Let’s connect, I’m only a message away!


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