I dedicate most of my time for training horses. Every horse has a tailored training program that fits the horse's and the owner's needs. I train the western all-around disciplines, such as Western Pleasure, Trail, Horsemanship, Showmanship and the English events.


American Stock breeds (Paint, Quarter, Appaloosa) are the most popular choices for the western disciplines, but I gladly work with other breeds as well. In the past I trained western on Haflinger, Iceladic Horse, Mustang, Warmbloods and even ponies. 

When a horse is in training with me, he will be in a daily exercise schedule and will recieve full care. When you come to visit, the only thing you have to focus on is enjoying your time with your horse!

Trailer loading

Driving with our horses should be easy and safe for horse and owner. I use natural horsemanship to train you and your horse to be able to load and travel in a relaxed and easy way. I offer different solutions: driving out at your place, weekend workshops or private lessons. Depending on the problem you are dealing with and the experience you and your horse have, we make a personal plan.


Please contact me for more information!


I offer lessons both on Blue Hills and at other locations. I drive regurarly to South Denmark and Fyn.

I teach the basics to beginners and we practice patterns and fine-tune the show riders. I work with young horses and seasoned show horses. The most important thing during my lessons for me is that both horse and rider understand what we work on and that you become a better, more understanding rider.


It is possible to book clinics or workshops both on Blue Hills and at other locations.


Some ideas for clinics:

-Basic clinic: any riding styles are welcome. Focusing on the basic princliples of riding and the foundation work. 

-Western all around clinic: working with western pleasure as the ground stone for the other disciplines. Then we build the pattern classes on that foundation, just as Trail, Horsemanship and Showmanship. I am happy to have young horses for in hand classes.

-Show clinic: for seasoned show horses and riders to get them ready for upcoming shows. With show riders I put a lot of focus on talking about the AQHA/APHA rule book to make them familiar with the rules and to help them become a great exhibitor!

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in hosting a clinic!

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