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Longing: to do or not to do?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Or more precisely… how to do?

Longing is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to young horses. Sometimes it feels almost like a religion, when horse owners talk about it, and it can be very difficult to find your own way. That’s why I decided to share my learnings of the last 10 years of training a LOT of youngsters.

Some of them were prepared for the Longe Line class and others learned basic longing and groundwork. All these horses had one thing in common: they were all future riding horses. So here are some my thoughts:

1. 💙 Look at the horse and listen to your gut-feeling!

Yearling, 2-yo & now even 3 yo classes are available. Just because some horses are ready as yearlings, it doesn’t mean that all are. Horses are different and that’s okay!

2. 💙 Body structure, growing speed & intensity are major factors.

Horses grow differently. Some will never have any major growing issues, others need a lot of breaks and might not be able to take much training. There’re great supplements on the market and I can only recommend you to consult your vet and feed specialist to guide you if you’re horse is one of them who needs support.

3. 💙 Longing is not about circles!

One of the most misunderstood concepts is, that you have to chase your horse around in circles and that it ruins their legs. I NEVER ask my horse to do that! I always start on a shorter rope and teach them to walk QUIETLY next to me, and I teach them to turn and move around me. Maybe more on this in another post?

4. 💙 What should the end result be? Showing, riding, both?

Training the Longe Line is different, than “just” using longing as ground work and preparation for riding. I like to use the principle “always have the end result in mind” when making training plans and decisions.

5. 💙 Mental aspect

Some love the simplicity of longing while others get bored & just want to run around. I longe some horses more than others, depending on what we get out of it. No horse needs to fit in a box!

Not all horses make great Longe Liners, but all horses can be great at longing! My best advice is, that you should listen to your horse and get help if needed!


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