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I'm Dora Gocze.

European Champion rider, trainer, Performance Coach and Mental Trainer. I am passionate for helping Equestrians and Equine professionals get more success and reach their dreams while they enjoy the journey and feel empowered. 


My mission

Our sport can feel tough. It can be challenging at times to navigate all the pressure and expectations and in the same time doing well by your horse and yourself. My mission is to help riders and Equine Professionals succeed and reach their dreams while growing and enjoying the journey. It doesn't have to be tough to be part of the Equestrian community and there's definitely a place for everyone. I'm fascinated by our differences and I really enjoy helping people find out how they can use their own unique combination of talents to succeed, instead of trying to fit in a box.

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With focusing on 3 key elements when I work with Equestrians, I make it simple and fun to work for their goals. Mindset for a mentally strong rider, Horsemanship for understanding and treating our equine partner well and Technique for getting the right training program and exercises in place. The same applies to my business clients, but we change up the three words to create a solid foundation that will lead you to success. You can read more about my offer for Equine Business owners here.



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I've always had big dreams...

Growing up in Hungary in an average, middle-class family taught me very early on, that you get what you work for. There was nobody in my family who knew anything about horses, besides my late grandfather who I never got the chance to meet. He was a farmer and his horses were his teammates in his daily work. I heard many stories about his love and care for his horses and my family is convinced that good horsemanship is in my genes. 

"Horses are an expensive hobby"- seriously, how many times have we all heard that?! Even though my parents always supported me in chasing my dreams, they could never afford a horse and I could only get riding lessons in a very limited manner. "She will grow out of it"- sounded the comfort from family members and friends supporting my parents in their decision not to invest too much in my "hobby". 

But I didn't grow out of it. Horses were so much more to me than a sport or a hobby. And one very valuable thing I got from my family, was the honest belief, that if you put your mind on something, you can make it happen. And so I did. After finishing university I went on to pursue my dream of becoming a horse trainer and a high level competition rider. In a couple years I had all the big championship titles under my belt, all on horses I trained myself.

I'm the living proof, that anything is possible. If I could do it, you can do it too, and you know what? You already have everything you need to achieve your goals! You just need to learn to utilize your talents to the max and put your mind on the matter. I'm passionate about helping equestrians achieve what they dream about and I can't wait to help you!

More inspiration?


How can mental training help your riding?

Enjoy this episode, that I created together with The Showlife. It's available free of charge on Spotify and Apple Podcast! Feel free to tag me on Instagram and Facebook when you're listening to it and share your experiences and takeaways from the episode. I'd love to hear from you!

Listen to it here:

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Apple Podcast

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Online Courses


Click here and get access to the library of courses I created for you. Get your favorite drink ready, get comfortable and let's get started! I'm with you all the way to guide you and to help you with your development. Are you ready?

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