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Horses are and always have been a huge inspiration for me. A good rider works to understand their horse better every day. In the process we learn to lead better, listen better and to adapt to another living being, who doesn't speak the same language as us. These are valuable qualities for our human relationships and for our own personal development. I found, that riders often have the same patterns in other areas in their life, as they have with their horses. It all comes down to (self)leadership, communication and taking responsibility. 

Today I work both with riders and other individuals with all kinds of backgrounds and professions. My very own Personal Development Program 'the LEAD CHANGE by Dora Gocze' has launched on the 1st of August 2023 and I'm excited to help even more people discover their talents and help discover their true potential. So, should you be a rider, or someone who has never seen a horse before: WELCOME! I'm excited to show you my universe and teach you what the horses taught me.

European Champion Western rider, trainer, Performance Coach and Mental Trainer. I'm passionate for helping people develop and achieve their goals. I train, teach and compete in Western riding and I also work with Mental training of both riders and other professionals. 


Need some inspiration?


How can mental training help your riding?

Enjoy this episode, that I created together with The Showlife. It's available free of charge on Spotify and Apple Podcast! Feel free to tag me on Instagram and Facebook when you're listening to it and share your experiences and takeaways from the episode. I'd love to hear from you!

Listen to it here:

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