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Education is the best investment if you ask me. Everyone needs an extra set of eyes once in a while, not to mention sparring and inspiration. I myself invest a lot in my own development and I believe that the way to success is a good team that helps and supports you. I'm very passionate about helping horses and riders and I hope that I can be part of your journey with your horse!

My values as your trainer


My most important task as a trainer and teacher is to be able to help you and your horse get to the next level together. It is my main goal that you feel in control and ready to continue working with your horse AFTER our lesson ends.

The horse's welfare and well-being will always be my priority, and it is one of my unwavering values. My training methods are based on a holistic view and include ground work, riding, training in different environments. Good horsemanship for me means that we work on the horse's terms, at their pace and with scientifically proven principles. I make it a very high priority to stay up-to-date on new research in horse behaviour, to receive training and to attend various courses and clinics both in horse behaviour, horsemanship, biomechanics and riding.

When you get lessons, we start from what you need right now and what the horse offers. One day it may be some technical exercises and beam work we focus on, and another day it may be more the mental part.

I find it very important to have the right plan for your horse. This includes setting the right goals that suit you and your horse equally well. I can help make the plan for the upcoming show season, the disciplines that suit you best, new methods to get back in the saddle or succeed in something that is difficult right now. When you book me for lessons, you always have the option of getting help for this part as well.


My warmest recommendations! I am fully satisfied with the training me and my horse receive at Blue Hills by Dora. She is really good at finding out where we are and helping us to get better together. She is super good at understanding both horses and people. I have the feeling that we grow together every time we get training. I would highly recommend Dora to anyone who wants to improve, or wants professional training of their horse.


Dora is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C! She understands the horses in a way that very few do. And she does a good job teaching both horse and rider.


Dora is a competent trainer for both horse and rider. She is patient, warm and understanding, which makes it a fantastic experience to be under her wings. She can teach both beginners and advanced level riders. She also has an understanding of the horse and its behavior, which she uses in her training and teaching. The warmest recommendation from me.


Lessons on Blue Hills


  • I teach on fixed days and by agreement.

  • Please arrive in good time and warm up before your lesson (15 min walk)

  • Cancellation: 24 hours before your appointment is free of charge. I'll always do my best to book someone else when you cancel, but I'll keep the right to send you a bill if it's not possible.

  • You can use one of our stalls free of charge when saddling up or waiting.

  • Read more about the facilities here.


A "klippekort" expires a year after purchase and has to be prepaid.

Facility fees are included in the prices.


Lessons at your location


  • You can book me for lessons at your location if you live in radius of 50km from me (7330 Brande). If you live further away, you just need to collect more people to make it possible. Please contact me for more information!

  • Please warm up before your lesson (15 min walk).

  • Cancellation: 24 hours before your appointment is free of charge. I'll always do my best to book someone else when you cancel, but I'll keep the right to send you a bill if it's not possible.

  • You need to have an agreement with the stable owner about the lessons and you have to cover all fees related to the use of the facilities.

  • I prefer that you have access to a riding arena in the wintertime.


Milage prices:

0-20km one rider 50kr, 2 or more riders free of charge

20-50km one rider 100kr, 2 or more riders 50kr pr. rider

50-100km one rider 150kr, 2 or more riders 100kr pr rider

If you can collect 3 or more riders in the same place, then I can give you even more discount on the milage. 


Booking / Questions

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! Please book well in advance to avoid waiting time. I look forward to hearing from you!

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