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the game changer...

When it's time to make one big step towards your dream.

To turn your can'ts into cans and your

dreams into plans.

Next Level Equestrian Coaching


An AMBITIOUS RIDER looking to make the next step and show at a higher level, learning how to control your emotions and use your nerves to your advantage and you have a desire to strengthen your mindset so you can find more joy in training, competing and have more energy to focus on what really matters. You have what it takes and you're ready to go for it, but you need a strategy and the right tools. 

Psst... if you are an Equine Professional (trainer, photographer, body worker etc) then look here.

You have arrived.

NEXT LEVEL EQUESTRIAN COACHING was designed to help you.

You deserve to have a plan that helps you:

  • Feel mentally strong and find solutions where the unexpected happens (and those things happen with horses...)

  • Learn to use your emotions and your nerves to your advantage to be able to perform even better and to be able to give your best when it really matters

  • Handling training and competitions with a smile and the feeling of "I got this!"

  • Focusing on what's most important and being able to close those critical voices out (sometimes your own...)


If you can dream it - you can do it!

Sounds like a cliché - right? I would have agreed a few years ago. But clichés exist for a reason and my own journey is the living proof that you are capable of doing anything you dream of.

I'm Dora Gocze, 30 years old, born and raised in Hungary and have been living in Denmark since 2012. I live with my boyfriend Bryan, our 3 dogs and 2 horses in the heart of Jutland, Brande. I own Dora Gocze Equestrians and have been living from my passion of helping horses and riders full time for 7 years

It hasn't always looked that bright: getting started in the horse business was a really rough ride and being a foreigner in a new country didn't make things easier. After the initial excitement from the equestrian community, I experienced harsh bullying, harassment and even blackmail. I questioned myself on a daily basis, I was stressed and burned out from being in this environment. 

And then one day it was just enough. Yet another day I came home completely stressed out after over 12 hours working in the barn, teaching clients and training horses. I was supposed to be living my dream life, enjoying my success, but I never felt more alone and broken. I had 2 options: either I give up and leave the ring or I change my approach, buckle up and create the life that makes me happy, even though it might be different from how other riders and trainers operate. 

And I did. Today I live a balanced life, where there is time for both my family and my passion. I enjoy going to horse shows and I do have the capacity to both focus on performing and being social. I learned to focus on what I can control. All of a sudden all those mean voices disappeared... And most importantly: the only person I'm competing with is the person I was yesterday.

It was quite a journey to get here and it's far from over! Working with Mental Training and my personal development changed my life and I'm passionate for helping others achieve the same! Learning to be your own biggest cheerleader and firm believer takes time and a lot of effort, but take my word for it: IT IS POSSIBLE!

I collected all my experience, knowledge and tools in this course to help you achieve your dreams with building up your winner-mindset. I'm really excited to guide you through your journey!

My achievements & credentials

  • Multiple European, German, Danish and Hungarian Champion in 7 different Western disciplines. 

  • Topping APHA's Top Trainers list in Scandinavia for 6 years in a row

  • 2x World nr. 1. and multiple times top 5 (APHA Honor Roll Champion)

  • Team Trainer for the Danish Youth Team, APHA Youth World Games, Fort Worth, Texas, 2018. The Team won the 'Best Spirit' award, Individual 1st and Team 5th 

  • APHA Professional Horsewoman

  • Certified Mental Trainer and Performance Coach educated by world nr. 1. Rasmus Bagger

  • First Mind practitioner (Talent Profile analysis)

  • NLP Fast Track Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)


Next Level Equestrian Coaching

3 months with your development in focus

In this program I'll guide you through 3 modules.


The first month is about you, your core purpose, talents and what motivates you. This will help you shape your mindset and perspective and get you ready to move on to the following modules.

The second month is all about building a winning strategy. Together we'll identify your Zone of Genius, discover the true potential of your unique talents and how you can use them to achieve your goals.

Knowledge is power, but only if you know how to use it in practice. The third month is all about taking action, so you'll be well on your way to achieving your goals. 

The content of the course is 100% tailored to you, your needs and your goals!

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90 min start-up

strategy session


2 x 1:1 mentor sessions every month for 3 months


Horse-show support


First Mind talent profile

(value €260)


Support via texts and voice messages 3x a week

I know how busy Equestrians are, so I made this program easy to follow and very effective, so you'll not have to take time off from your precious horses. No 100-page workbooks and hours worth of journaling. We will work together to make this a success for you!


My tribe

Equestrians who invest in this program have one thing in common: 

They all want more than just the average.


18000 DKK incl. moms / €2400 incl. vat

I offer payment options with 1, 2 or 3 installments.

I only take few new clients in at a time. To be considered for a spot, please book a free, 30-min Match Call to find out if we are the right match for each other.


A big decision...

The feeling of something big is about to happen

I know how you feel. It's a big decision and a million things are running through your head. I've been there: balancing between trying alone and investing in help. I still remember shaking in front of my computer screen, hesitating to push "pay" when I signed up for my coaching education. I also remember the feeling of having made the right decision and here I am now, living the dream, being able to help other people because I made that decision. 


Imagine what you could accomplish with a help of someone who has done it before? With the right tools and techniques and a huge amount of motivation! Where there are no limits...  

I took this lesson with me and I'll share it with you as one of the best advices you'll ever get: An investment in yourself is always a good investment. 

With lots of love,


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