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I have always been drawn to animals. I started riding horses at 5 and by 16 I was teaching lessons and training horses part-time. It’s really been an amazing journey so far, developing from a clumsy hobby rider with no horse-background to a professional rider, coach, and trainer. While I earned a bunch of fancy titles and medals on the way I also developed personally and learned important skills, that enabled me to turn my love, passion, and fascination for animals into my own business, that’s been running in Denmark for the last 10 years.

Through my work with horses, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a lot of people to improve their riding skills and develop personally. I’ve learned, that we all have patterns influencing our decisions, with some leading us towards success while others present us with challenges. Often the patterns that show up while working with horses also present themselves in our work or our personal lives. That's why horses, who are experts in reading body language and sensing feelings, are excellent teachers, who can help us learn about ourselves. They can help us find answers to how to lead and how to change. They can also help us get in contact with ourselves and thereby improve our human relationships, our work situation or even to find our purpose.

'The Lead Change' is my way of passing on what horses have taught me. It's a simple, down to earth approach that helps people achieve balance, building resilience, and find success in their lives. 

My method can help you with:

  • Improving your non-verbal communication. Becoming more aware of your body language and what you signal to the world when you present yourself. Everything is communication: selling your ideas at work, creating balance in your family and maintaining healthy relationships. Working with body language and intention will be a big game changer in all aspects of your life. 


How can you work with me?


My sessions are available in Danish, English and Hungarian.

  • All 1:1 sessions can be held in-person or online. In-person sessions are held at my office at Blue Hills Horses (7330 Brande) or as a walk-format in nature, at a location we agree on ahead of time. Online sessions are held via Zoom.

  • When you book an in-person session, you'll have the option to choose, if you'd like to sign up for a regular session or a Horse-assisted session. There is no extra charge for the Horse-assisted session.

  • Talent Discovery sessions include a FirstMind talent profile (25 pages of information about your strengths and weaknesses, stress profile, communication style etc.) and a 75 min evaluation session. You'll need to set aside 40 minutes to do your talent profile ahead of our session. You can read more about Talent Discovery by clicking HERE.

  • All sessions include preparation before and evaluation after your session. It's important for me, that you get the most out of our time together and that we both arrive prepared. That's why you'll receive an email before and after your session with preparation questions and takeaways/exercises.

Workshops & Team Building

These events are available in Danish, English and Hungarian.

These events are available at your location or in our facilities just outside of Brande, where we're surrounded by beautiful nature and our wonderful horses walk by the window of the training room. We offer all-inclusive solutions with snacks, meals and drinks. Events can vary from a few hours to a full day and can be combines with other activities. It's also possible to include our horses in the program, so those, who are interested can test their leadership and communications skills while trying to move a 600 kg animal with just their intention. These exercises spark great discussions about our body language, leadership & communication style.

Mentorship program

Personal development is a process and it doesn't happen overtime. Change is hard and implementing new habits can be a challenging and lengthy process. For you, who need someone in their life to guide them step by step with unlimited access to sparring, I've created a mentorship program. 

This option is the best choice for you, who would like intensive help and step-by-step guidance. Please contact me for a personalized offer that matches your needs!

Available in Danish, English and Hungarian.

Hi, my name is Dora...

"Hej, jeg hedder Dora Gocze. Jeg er 30 år og har arbejdet som Western træner for 12 år, hvor 7 år var fuldtid. Jeg har brugt en del tid i USA hvor jeg arbejdede som assistant træner flere steder og jeg deltager ofte i kurser og clinics for at udvikle mig. Jeg er uddannet Mentaltræner hos Rasmus Bagger og elsker at arbejde med alle typer mennesker og heste, og hjælpe dem med at opnå deres store drømme samtidlig med at de får masser af glæde af hinanden. Mine beste resultater har jeg opnået i Trail, Western Pleasure, Reining, Ranch Riding og unghestdisciplinerne. Jeg brænder for Western ridning på højt niveau kombineret med god horsemanship. Jeg glæder mig til at arbejde med dig!"

Booking & Questions

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! Please book good time in advance, I normally plan my calendar 2-4 weeks ahead. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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