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Zoom meeting

Learn to believe in yourself!

All riders struggle. Some talk more about it than others. I will teach you how to deal with pressure, insecurities and we will design your new, more positive picture of yourself as a rider.

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Learn to believe in yourself!

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09. feb. 19.00 – 20.00 CET

Zoom meeting

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Let’s be honest, all riders struggle. Some struggle on a daily basis and others get second thoughts when they are under pressure, for example at horse shows.

“Is this really a good idea?”  “Am I good enough?”  “What if I fail?”  “Maybe it’s okay not to go for the first place this time.”  “Everybody can have a bad day and mine is today.”  “Just that I don’t disappoint my mom/trainer/horse”  “What will the others say” 

Are any of those thoughts sound familiar?

Congratulations- you are a perfectly well-functioning human being!  Our brain  works day and night to protect us. It doesn’t want to make you happy, it wants to make you SAFE. So these thoughts will come up now and then, and very likely when you are under pressure…

-I want you to know, that you have a choice! The mind has the ultimate power and you can train your mind 

-Self-confidence and believing in yourself is not something you get, it’s something you do

-It starts with your story as a rider. If you think of yourself as the girl who always gets the second place, you will get better and better at getting the second place. If you think of yourself as the rider who always messes up in the middle of the class, you will get better and better at doing that too…

-How about designing a whole new, powerful and more positive rider identity?

I’m passionate about empowering people and helping them achieve their wildest goals. That’s why I decided to host a FREE seminar where I’ll help you get to the right mindset and leave all your insecurities behind.

Sign up with a simple click and I’ll take care of the rest. Remember to invite your friends so I can help even more people.

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