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Welcome to the next chapter in your business!


An EQUESTRIAN PROFESSIONAL (trainer, body worker, coach, breeder etc.) looking to get to the next level in your business or getting ready to launch your business. You're a one-woman-show and you wear all the hats. You already know, that running a business alone has its challenges and you're fully motivated to pass them. 

You've also experienced self-doubt and the incredible power it has. It might have held you back form launching a product, reaching out to a potential customer/sponsor, advertising your course or... even starting your business. I'm guessing that you also know the struggle of (not) finding a balance between horses, business, family and friends and you've probably wished for at least 30 hours in a day several times. And I could imagine that you've had a few discussions with yourself about your prices and the struggle of making enough to be able to afford a massage or a haircut once in a while - without feeling guilty. 

I'm guessing all of the above because I've been there. I know all the struggles of being a business owner in the Equestrian world and I've tried self-doubt, mean comments, burnouts, stress, you name it... until I decided to do something about it and find a system that works for me. I'm really excited to share some of my tools with you today, that helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and I'm convinced that they can help you too. 

BUSINESS MINDSET BOOST-CAMP will take you through 3 of the biggest barriers that I've found through my own journey and during my countless talks to my peers and colleagues in the Equestrian space. All you need is some time to yourself, dedication and openness to learn. I've got the rest covered for you. 

What can you expect from this course?

  • Establishing your core values and your mission in your business

  • Shifting your focus from what others do and think to what YOU want to achieve and do

  • Learning how to be your own cheerleader and boost your self-confidence

  • Finding your strengths and quitting self-doubt

  • Separating your worth from your prices

  • Owning your prices and be more willing to sell to be able to help more people

If you can dream it - you can do it!



Videos for all 3 modules


Workbook with exercises 


Instagram Live for

more insights


Available for a limited time only...

  • FREE of charge for 48 hours

  • Available 24 hours before the Instagram Live

  • Easy access through one click 

JOIN US LIVE ON INSTAGRAM on the 13th of November at 12:00 CET


(the link opens 24 hours before the Instagram Live and closes again 24 hours after)

Your host during this boost-camp

  • Multiple European, German, Danish and Hungarian Champion in 6 different Western disciplines 

  • Topping APHA's Top Trainers list in Scandinavia for 6 years in a row

  • 2x World nr. 1. and multiple times top 5 (APHA Honor Roll Champion)

  • Team Trainer for the Danish Youth Team, APHA Youth World Games, Fort Worth, Texas, 2018. The Team won the 'Best Spirit' award, Individual 1st and Team 5th 

  • APHA Professional Horsewoman

  • Mental Trainer and Performance Coach educated by world nr. 1. Rasmus Bagger

  • First Mind practitioner (Talent Profile analysis)

  • NLP Fast Track Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

And most importantly: a happy and proud business owner, working as an Equine Professional full time for over 6 years, helping others achieve the same, while keeping a good horse-life balance and their passion in their business.


BUSINESS MINDSET BOOST-CAMP is available through my collaboration with Natalie from Equine Copy Connect. We're going live on Instagram on the 13th of November at 12:00 CET to discuss the ups and downs of being an Equestrian Business Owner and we'll share our best tips that helped us on our journeys.


(the link opens 24 hours before the Instagram Live and closes again 24 hours after)


(the link opens 24 hours before the Instagram Live and closes again 24 hours after)

Can't wait to see you there,


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